Yoga For A Girl is a fundraiser event to help fund Casa Aliento-Spoken For safe house in Albuquerque, NM. All genders and all ages are invited.


Yoga Instructors

Charlotte Montoya

Kids yoga for young children that teaches basic postures and breathing techniques through games and fun activities!

Tabby Love Midence

Yin flow, gentle and intentional, with praise and worship playing in the background. All levels welcome.

Kerry Tomberlin M-HYI

This 45 minute class combines breath and movement at a slow, gentle pace.  All levels are welcome, but beginners will find themselves comfortable with this class as many modifications are offered.

Brian Beau Matzke

Brian brings a world of experience to his teachings. He began his journey with Siddha Yoga at the early age of 7 years old. His first formal training was in Vinyasa with Jimmy Barkan, he soon after started guiding classes in Puerto Rico. Through his own struggles with Adrenal Fatigue and PTSD he found Kundalini Yoga. Brian says Kundalini Yoga has been a big factor in healing his whole system, leading to a full state of ease in his life and a stronger connection with the divine which then led him to start guiding healing retreats in New Mexico and around the world. Brian’s classes bring you to a total state of being that you possess. The methods that he uses connect you deeper with your spirit and heart. Let Brian help you dive deeper into that ocean of bliss.

Ana Peralta

I received my three Yoga Instructor Certifications in Classical Hatha Yoga. I am certified in Adult,  Children’s 3-12, and Mommy and Baby Yoga. I have been teaching for a little over 10 years now and I find it truly enjoyable and fulfilling. I love helping others reduce their anxiety and stress levels, become more mindful in their everyday lives and/or improve/heal any physical ailments that they may be experiencing. I offer modifications for people just beginning their yoga practice or anyone with physical sensitivities but I also know how to challenge more advanced students. I am constantly learning from my students, which helps me to become a better teacher. Yoga is life changing and I believe the possibilities for any individual’s practice are endless, especially what it can do for your life and well being.



Experience the healing benefits of yoga as you look deep with the issues in the tissues. Allow yourself to feel the bliss of self love through a 60min Yin Yoga. Yin is a sustainable yoga practice for the deep muscle fascia. Yin is for every body and can be practiced by all ages and levels of participants. In this class, we will explore the connection between the bodies tissues and the minds issues. Join Anita, as she guides you through a series of 8-10 static yoga poses to enhance awareness of the nervous system, release stress, improve circulation and open the mind to full body bliss.


Molly is an Albuquerque native who has a love for movement and for building community. She has been teaching Buti Yoga at Mindful Movement and Wellness. Buti Yoga is a practice that unifies power yoga flow, tribal dance movements, plyometrics, and spiral structure technique providing a full mind and body experience. This practice was built to enliven, connect, and empower ones ability to tap into their own power.

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